April 5, 2011

Modern archaic digital typography

Filed under: Computer Science — dvd @ 12:29 am

Modern scientific digital typography got stuck in a local maximum. LATEX — an archaic idiosyncratical tool — does everything wrong, even hyphenation and paragraph formatting. But this wrongdoing is so polished that cannot be improved. There will be no better LATEX until the ugly fashion for frozen fossils of scientific mind will pass away, and there will be no LATEX at all.

Hopefully soon.

C++ is so popular

Filed under: Computer Science — dvd @ 12:14 am

C++ is a zero-paradigm (be as tasteless as you like) specification-oriented (perfect for implementing faulty designs) programming language. Corporations love to hire C++ programmers, those guys do everything for money. I want mutuality from my languages, I write programs only with tools I love.

And get paid well.

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