February 15, 2017

Field hospital

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Saving a failing software project is like working in a field hospital. You may know how to do it the right way but do not have time. There are two choices:

  • doing it quick and dirty;
  • starting over, cutting down, and still doing it right.

Quick and dirty is like giving up on antiseptics. The patient will die anyway, flesh rotting from infection. But you “did everything you could”.

Starting over is like giving up on anesthesia. It’s hard and unpleasant. But the software project has a chance to get back on track.

It’s not a choice how to save the project. It’s a choice whether to save the project or to cover your neck (neck is an euphemism).

On personal hygiene

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Writing unit tests is like washing hands after going to the toilets. If you don’t, you both get bugs and worms, and also put others in danger. The only remedy is to stay away from you, as far as possible.

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